About Dr Mureriwa

Pertinent Information About Dr. Joachim Mureriwa




·      BSc (Psychology Hons) (Univ. Zim).

·      MSc (Clin. Psychology) (Univ. Zim)

·      PhD (Unisa): Thesis- Traumatic Brain Injury and Attention/ Post-concussion symptoms and indices of reaction time.

·      Postdoctoral MSc (Clinical Psychopharmacology) (Alliant Int. Univ- USA)

Post-qualification Certifications

Board Certified EEG Biofeedback Therapist: BCIA (Biofeedback Certification International Alliance).

Previous University Lecturer Posts

·      University of Zimbabwe

·      Medical University of Southern Africa (MEDUNSA)

·      University of South Africa.

Professional Associations

·      Former President: South African Clinical Psychological Association (SACNA).

·      Past Deputy President: Biofeedback Society of South Africa (BFSA)

·      Current President: Psychological Association for Transformation and Innovation, SA. {PATISA}.

Main Areas of Professional Interest

·      Neuropsychology

·      Applied Psychophysiology (Clinical Biofeedback)

·      EEG Neuroimaging

·      Pharmacology

Clinical Private Practice

Louis Pasteur Hospital, Pretoria (1994 to present)

Medico-legal Practice

Road Accident Fund  (RAF)

200 Thomson Street, Colbyn, Pretoria (1997- present)